Our Mission

„It is very important to me to treat society and future generations with responsibility, respect and gratitude. With all my passion and energy, I am supporting the activities of UNICEF, which has been working tirelessly to foster well-being of children all over the world.“
Klemens Hallmann

HALLMANN for UNICEF is a platform to raise the voice for children in need. By connecting various communities – from business to media as well as culture and art – and addressing the most pressing challenges children are facing today, HALLMANN for UNICEF aims to support UNICEF’s agenda around the world.


About the Founder: Klemens Hallmann, Honorary Chair Leadership Circle for UNICEF Austria
Klemens Hallmann is an Austrian entrepreneur and investor. He is the founder and sole owner of Hallmann Corporate Group, a large Austrian group of companies, specialized in sales, renovation and development of real estate projects, in addition to a wide-ranging portfolio of investments, including film production, financial solutions and IT security. Klemens Hallmann is a patron and art collector. He is a passionate supporter of various cultural organizations and initiatives.

Barbara Meier, actor, model and wife of Klemens Hallmann, is a UNICEF Austria honorary representative for children in need. With her female power, she has been voluntarily working for UNICEF Austria to support children and their rights, against child poverty and for access to education for every child.

Advocacy for UNICEF
The world has changed, but children’s needs have not. Conflicts, natural disasters, climate change and the pandemic have further increased the plight of millions of children around the world. Children are starving, suffering from preventable diseases and dying because of lack of clean water. Around the world, millions of children are trapped in cycles of poverty and violence.

With a strong emphasis on contributing to the well-being of the society and the environment, Klemens Hallmann has been supporting socially valuable projects and initiatives ever since. Klemens Hallmann is particularly outspoken on children rights, against child poverty and for access to education. Hence, the entrepreneur is firmly advocating for the mission of UNICEF. With all his passion and energy, Klemens Hallmann supports the charitable work of UNICEF, which has been working tirelessly to foster well-being of children all over the world.

In crises, girls and boys, and above all those who are already most at risk, often lack the essentials. UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, works to ensure that children’s rights – the guaranteed rights to survival, development, protection and participation of every child – are implemented. In raising awareness and clarifying the importance of these children’s rights, Klemens Hallmann will stand up for those who need our help most urgently.


UNICEF is the global voice for children who have no voice. Across more than 190 countries, UNICEF does whatever it takes to protect the rights of every child. UNICEF provides global and scalable solutions to the most pressing challenges worldwide – efficiently, transparently and sustainably. Partnering with UNICEF has the potential to create significant, long-term impact for children around the world. Every euro invested has maximum impact for a stable society through economies of scale. Together, we create fairer opportunities and a brighter future for every child.

We never give up – do you?

Hidden Charity Dinner

Austria’s first Hidden Charity Dinner will soon be organized by »HALLMANN for UNICEF«
and We \ R.

Join us for an elevated dining and charity experience, accompanied by an exclusive program, a premium art auction, exciting music acts, networking and more.

DATE & LOCATION: To be announced soon